Insulate Your Minneapolis Home’s Attic

minneapolis insulationOur home recently needed some additional insulation and I did quite a bit of researching online prior to having it installed. I thought I would share the info that I have found helpful in the hope of making the undertaking much simpler for others.

In addition to my online research I had a couple of Minneapolis insulation contractors check out my home and they all suggested that when you’ve not updated your home’s insulation in the last ten years you are probably not up to current codes and would be able to lower your energy expenses by adding insulation. Based on your insulation needs, you’re likely going to spend about one dollar and fifty cents per square foot for additional insulation but may also probably reduce your power bill by quite a bit. The costs and the potential gains actually depend on the size of your house and how badly insulated it currently is.

It appears to me in the end my research that there are really just too important choices you’ll need to make, what type of insulation you would like to use and how to have it installed. Because significantly improved insulation can have a huge influence on ventilation you’ll want to have that checked too before installing any new insulation. Where you need to add insulation in your house will dictate how it must be installed and which of the three main types – cellulose, fiberglass, or foam is better.

Regarding installation there are also three simple methods to get insulation installed. You can possibly use rolls, have it blown in, or have foam insulation sprayed in.

At the end of the day, after doing a good level of research and talking to several contractors it appears to me that it is really rather simple to work out how to carry on. Your first step really should be to have an insulation contractor to run an energy inspection of your house. The results of the inspection will tell you where your house is losing the most cool air of course if there will be any problems with ventilation that will trigger issues beyond just adding new insulation. Based on the discoveries of the free check up you ought to be in a position to determine whether you just need to add additional insulation to your attic or when it is going to become more complex, meaning adding insulation to exterior or interior walls.

In most cases you are probably just going to have to add additional attic insulation, if that happens to be the situation you’ll simply need to decide if you wish to diy by purchasing rolls of insulation at your local do-it-yourself shop and install them yourself. Unless you want to set up the attic insulation by yourself, it is likely going to be cheapest & most effective to have an installment business blow in either fiberglass or cellulose insulation for you. Both are pretty basic and possibly be careful of 80% of the scenarios were additional insulation is desired.

In my case and I expect most people’s, it was actually quite straightforward, our home was older and we were losing most of our warmth through the attic so having a contractor come out and blow in some added fiberglass insulation was certainly worthwhile. Not merely will your energy charges be lowered but your home is likely to be more comfortable.

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